Consignment Features

Dedicated Consignor Accounts
Do you strive to be as transparent as you can, but find it hard to efficiently send information to your consignors about their sales history or how their current items are selling? Meridian's consignment functionality allows you to give your consignors their own username and password so they can always view their active listings, their historical sales, and their payout history. You no longer have to send emails, keep files updated for them, or whatever else that takes up your time trying to keep your consignors up to date!

Flexible Payout Plans
We realize the needs for you to be able to have various terms for how you provide payouts to your consignors. With Meridian you have the option to set up commissions terms such as percentage of the item sale, a flat fee per item, or even a combination of both within customtized price range tiers. Do you have a setup you would like to ask us about? Go ahead and Contact Us and we'll see what we can do for you!
Payout Tiers Screen

Add Payout Screen
Quick Payout Generation
Generating payout calculations for your consignors can be tedious work - keeping tracking of a bunch of spreadsheets, manually entering sale prices, running commission calculations per item, all that time can add up. With Meridian, you can generate your entire payout report in just a few clicks! Your total sales, total fees, total refunds, total payout, a list of every item in the payout... all generated in a split second. And once you are ready, the data is saved and immediately accessible to your consignor so they have the information as well.

Granular Sales Tracking
Speaking of keeping track of things, Meridian can also track consignor sales at granular levels such as by "shipment" or even by "shipment box". If you are sent weekly or monthly shipments from a consignor, you will be able to see how those shipments perform over time. Or if you get multiple boxes per shipment, you can even track how each box sold!
Shipment Details Screen