Meridian Features

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1. Create

Inventory is your lifeblood. It's why you're here. Meridian allows you to quickly add details such as SKUs and Acquisition Prices so you can track your ROI after your sale. Easily create notes so you can remember specific details when it's time to create your Listing. And Meridian has no restriction on the number of images you can upload - it's UNLIMITED!

Add Inventory Screen


2. List

Creating a Template in Meridian will save you hours upon hours of tedious data entry. Save your commonly used fields once for easy reuse over and over. Create your Listing quickly by only filling out a few fields instead of fifty.

An easy to use editor gives you full control over how your listing descriptions look with powerful placeholders which you can use to dynamically insert data.

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Edit Listing Screen

Listing Description Screen


3. Ship

After your Listing sells, use Meridian to print your shipping labels at home - at prices lower than the Post Office! Quickly calculate postage rates for both USPS and UPS shipping, and you always have the ability to view your created labels later if you need to. Meridian also offers highly discounted prices for shipping insurance, both domestic and international.

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Shipping Screen


4. Report

Being able to view your Inventory and Listing as dollars and cents is the obvious way to determine how well your sales are doing. Use Meridian to spot trends and analyze your data so you can make any adjustments in your processes (if needed!).

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Report Screen


5. Consignment

If you provide Consignment services, you know how difficult it can be to keep tracking of the sales data and efficiently cut payout checks with the correct data accounted for. Meridian's Consignment tools are fully integrated and do all of the calculations for you, and to create a payout you simply choose your relevant date range and click a button; all of your payout calculations are performed automatically - no calculator needed!

Each of your consignors receives their own login credentials so they will have access to how their products are selling. If you are looking for the most transparency you can find, Meridian has you covered. No more emails or calls asking how much items are selling for - your consignor will be fully empowered to login whenever they want to see their Active Listings, Historical Sales, Payout History, and more!

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Consignment Screen


And Many More!

Those are just some of the tools Meridian offers to help your selling experience be as efficiently and profitable as possible.
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