Listing Features

Unlimited User Accounts
Have multiple people use their own username/password to login and create inventory, list products, or ship packages. You can set granular permissions on each account so they only have access to the data they need.

Bulk Upload
You can upload a CSV so you can create multiple inventory records at once - talk about a time saver!
Bulk Upload spreadsheet

Edit Listing Screen

Listing Description Screen

Fully Customizable Templates

Creating a Template in Meridian will save you hours upon hours of tedious data entry. Save your commonly used fields once for easy reuse over and over. Create your Listing quickly by only filling out a few fields instead of fifty.

An easy to use editor gives you full control over how your listing descriptions look with powerful placeholders which you can use to dynamically insert data.

Long Lasting Listings
Because Meridian is web-based, and not installed on your computer, any listings and images you create will live online for as long as you need them. Don't worry about changing computers, a new phone, or having to install anything. Even after your item sells, you can see your historical data. Meridian works on both Mac and Windows - all you need is a web browser!

Free Scheduled Listings
Did you know eBay might charge you if you try to schedule a listing to start in the future? With Meridian, you can do that for free!