Reporting Features

Sales Report Screen
Sales & Receivables
Selling products means you need to know how much money you are making (or haven't been paid yet!). Meridian provides easy-to-use graphs and reports so you can quickly view your progress over customizable date ranges. Tracking "Receivables" (just a fancy accounting word meaning unpaid items) also allows you to quickly see who you need to track down for non-payment of your items.

Postage Profit/Loss
Do you know if you lose money on postage? Do you know if your postage costs cover your supplies? With Meridian you would! Quickly compare actual postage costs to how much your customers paid to determine if you need to raise or lower your postage fees to cover costs or become more competitive with your fees compared to other sellers.
Postage Profit Report Screen

Postage History Report Screen
Postage Type History
Do you know what percentage of your postage fees are devoted to Domestic vs. International packages? Do you know how many package you ship Domestic vs. International? The Postage History report has it all broken down you for you in dollars and percentages. This can help you determine your shipping supplies needs or if you need to make any other decisions about how you ship your products.

User Listings
If you have multiple people that take part in your sales processes, do you know how much they are doing? With Meridian, each user can have their own username and password, so they can create all of their own inventory, listings, input shipment data, etc. (and all of these permissions can be controlled by you for each user). Within a customizable date range you can quickly see how many listings have been created per person, how many of their listings sold per day, how many images they uploaded, and more.
User Listings Report Screen

Customer History Screen
Customer History
Meridian offers complete history for each of your customers. This can help you see how much a customer purchases from you, if they have any outstanding payments or shipments, all of their payment history, and more. You can start to develop customer loyalty programs, discounts, or whatever else helps your business.